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What People Are Saying…

Lauren S.
Lauren S.1:1 Coaching Experience

Having Ally as my coach feels like an honor. The amount of growth I felt interpersonally in just 6 weeks was more than I had in years of therapy. I learned to reconnect with my truest self and honor my emotions. Learning about Human Design was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have learned to have grace with myself and communicate my needs in all areas of my life. Anyone looking to meet themselves in a deep and passionate way, would be lucky to work with Ally.

Shawnell M.
Shawnell M.Human Design Session

Entering the call I felt excited to learn more about techniques to better understand myself through the lens of Human Design. I left the call with a new found confidence in myself!

I felt so seen after my session with Ally. Having the opportunity to learn about my "not self" has helped me navigate my decision making process. I'm a very action driven person so I love the fact that I can actually experiment with my Human Design and see the results. Ally did so much research on my specific Human Design and really listened to my questions to base our session around providing me clarity around them. I felt so safe and supported by her coaching style.

Kelly M.
Kelly M.Human Design Session

Ally is extremely knowledgeable, personable and kind. She created a warm and safe space to bring up questions, but also cut to the chase-- no BS approach yet also empathetic!

I was really curious to know more about my human design as I felt a little overwhelmed by it all, but wanted to learn about my specific chart in a reading. I knew Ally had a lot of knowledge on the subject and could feel her passion for it, so I fully trusted her to share her knowledge with me and help me understand my chart. I went from knowing "just enough" and feeling overwhelmed by it all to knowing what certain parts of my chart meant and who I am in terms of Human Design. It helped not only make past experiences make so much sense, but also will helped me moving forward in both business and life. To have an understanding of one's own self is a powerful & essential tool-- Ally totally helped me get there!

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