Discovery Session: FREE

60-minutes with Ally to explore coaching, have a breakthrough and ask questions about working together. Ally is committed to giving only value during this call, and no sales pitch will happen unless both parties feel working together would be beneficial.

Who’s it for:

Anyone curious about coaching, human design, feminine leadership or Ally’s work

What’s Included:

60-minutes devoted to you and overcoming any immediate obstacles standing in your way of being the feminine leader of your life

Your Guide to Making Better Decisions: FREE Workbook

A 10-page workbook to help you embody your human design authority and make better decisions for your life

Who’s it for:

Anyone struggling to feel confident in making decisions and wanting to understand how to trust their intuition according to human design

What’s Included:

Description of each authority & how to use it to make better decisions

Journal prompts to help practice listening to your authority

Other practices for getting into your body (where your authority can be heard)

Additional bonus tools for a more involved embodiment practice

PLUS a quick intro on how I connect HD with feminine embodiment

This freebie is so juicy and LOADED with practical information that I use with all my clients regularly

Human Design Body Graph

Human Design Session & Voxer Support: $225

90-minute 1:1 session about your Human Design chart to be used as an introduction to your unique design

Who’s it for:

If you are looking to understand your design for the first time, or need a little more help embodying it this is a great session for you

What’s Included:

90-minute 1:1 session with me

Pre-recording of the basics of your design so our time can be spent more in depth and answering questions

1 week of FREE Voxer support from me afterwards to help with integration of what we discussed

1:1 Intensive Package: $2K

For the woman who wants 1:1 attention and is ready to embody the feminine leader within and release any fear and blocks standing in her way.

What’s Included:

12 weekly hour-long 1:1 coaching sessions done via zoom, phone, or live messaging (WhatsApp)

Intro to your Human Design & how to use it

Somatic work & nervous system regulation in addition to thought work

Access to me M-F via WhatsApp

Resources to assist in mastering skills and personal growth

Renewal at same price

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