Fun Facts

My Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw

A few of my favorite things are: dancing, laughing, Halloween, and baked goods

Pilates was my first love of fitness, and I still bring a lot of those principles into how I train the body today

I love coffee and am obsessed with cute coffee mugs, but I can't tolerate caffeine

I originally thought I would be a teacher and still have a teacher's heart. My teaching desire shifted from educating the youth to empowering the adults.

My favorite music is 2000's pop-punk and alternative rock - hand me a shot of tequila and you have yourself a par-tay!

Health is not a number, it's a feeling

- Ally Bouchard

What If You Could Change Your Life In The Next 90 Days?

Linda S.Mindful Eating, Chronic Back Pain

Working with Ally has been a great experience. Prior to this program my back was in pain and I would automatically and mindlessly eat, feeling completely disconnected to my body. After years of yo-yo dieting; I found Allys approach to be refreshing. It is not about restrictions or beating oneself up, but about acceptance and positive, mindful changes. Now, I have less back pain, am walking straighter, and am more confident with my choices around food. Ally has extensive knowledge around health and wellness and I always appreciated whether during coaching or training sessions she always tailored her knowledge to work for me and my body.

Jean G.Body Image, Stress Management

I can honestly say my work with Ally has been life changing. As a former beauty pageant contestant I struggled for half my life with yo-yo dieting, obsessing over food, and criticizing my body. As a result, I was missing out on the simple pleasures in life for fear of gaining weight. Now, I finally feel freedom when it comes to how I view food. I no longer obsesses over carbs and calories and know how to choose foods that nourish and fuel my body. I am forever grateful for her and this program for giving me the opportunity to know how to love myself again.

Elizabeth P.Overall Health, Improved Fitness

I am so happy about my experience with Ally. I always felt very anxious about my health and my weight. I felt like I was facing a giant challenge impossible to overcome. This program has helped me view fitness and health differently, and made me realize the control I have in changing my body and my health in a way that puts me in charge of the experience and feel capable of overcoming challenges. Ally has been extremely understanding, truthful, and free of judgement. I have never been so honest with myself, in control of my life, and ready to succeed than I am now.

Anonymous WomanHypertension

With Ally I have lowered by blood pressure avoiding the need for medication! I am stronger and lifting heavier weights than I ever thought possible. As a trainer and a coach she made it easy to open up and communicate. I feel like I not only had a coach but a friend. I had tried for many years to make changes on my own and she helped me achieve my long-standing goals and gain the confidence I was lacking not only in the gym, but in life. I made the decision to invest in myself and work with a coach and trainer and have never regretted it. I am a better person today because of it.

Aisha O.Overall Health, Stress Management

My work with Ally has been tremendous. I started with Ally feeling a bit depressed, lethargic, and footy brained. She allowed me to think more positively about my body, life, and journey through health and has taught me how to listen to my body and not overwork myself. She has a way of getting you to think differently and positively about the healthy journey you are on and the potential she sees in you. She is a very genuine and warm person to work with and made my health transition easy.

Steve T.Cardiovascular Health, Improved Strength and Conditioning

The best thing about Ally's coaching style is her reassuring approach. I completed cardiac rehab after open heart surgery and came to Ally apprehensive about the future of my health and looking for a sustainable path forward. In addition to the physical changes of increased strength and flexibility, my confidence in my body's ability to sustain health and wellness through the rest of my life has gone up tremendously. Her open and authentic dialogue allowed for the honest sharing of my concerns which set the stage for realizing my true potential.


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